Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Daemonscape Containers

If you haven't heard of Daemonscape by now then you have been missing out, they took over production of Ground Zero Games 25mm vehicles and terrain range as well as some of their 6mm range not only that but they have supplemented these items with their own range of items.


Anyway today I am going to take a quick look at their 25mm resin container set.
So what do you get? You get 3 containers of 3 different sizes (small, medium and large) they are cast od solid resin and nice clean casts I failed to find any bubbles or flash on them.
They roughly measure 90x30x30mm for the largest 60x30x30 for the medium and 30x30x30mm for the small and weigh roughly 150g all together.

They scale well with both 28 and 15mm (see the pictures below in 28mm they make excellent barricades. Whilst in 15mm they look more like sipping containers.

Having had these a few months and shamefully only just getting round to painting them. I had previously washed them and once dry the primer adhered to the resin fine. Painting them up was easy enough. They have plenty of blank space for you to add logo's or graffiti. Another thing to note is that when they first arrived they had that usual resin smell but after a month the smell went.

So for £5 are they worth it? In my option yes, I feel they provide good value for money as scenic items and if all else fails you can always use the largest one to knock out a maruarding bear.
I should add that the service I received from Daemonscape was excellent and this has been a constant when I have ordered from them in the past. The order arrived well packed and promptly. 

Friday, 1 June 2012

The post...

This should have been posted yesterday(thursday)
So I get home yesterday after spending the first half of the week away at college, anyway /i get home to find a package from skytrex full of french goodess. I then get a package from peter pig today after them not being at partizan and having to order and then when I was sat downstair looking through the box I was thinking "wouldn't' it be great if blitkrieg arrived" and then in weird twist of fate the courier shows up with the book not two minutes later I had to sit down to avoid the madness...

This now means I have to do something crazy and a little hard.. Painting blitz! I need to have it all painted and based by friday for a game that evening! 7 Day madness spent all of yesterday assembling it and it is know sat there with the undercoat but drying...

Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Wargaming Fairy Cometh

Right another quick update(I really need to make more of an effort with the blog but I shall not beat my self up other it). Had another game of Firewall 2136ad on Friday(pic below). I had intended to do a battle report but I kind of got very involved in the game.
It was quite a fun game, once again it involved some guess work and additional rule but we had a really fun game. Poor dice ruling on my behalf contributed with the /Trafford Industries hired hit squad out to kill famous scientist Kewell.
Right up until the last few turns it looked like Trafford were going slaughter all the guards and manage to take Kewell and or kill him. But then with a sudden flourish of critical successes on my behalf I managed to push back and kill the would be assassin's.
It was a fun game all round and once again proved the systems worth, whilst simple and having a few things that needed improvisation and a few of own rules mixed it provided an enjoyable evening's worth of gaming.

Then this morning I got woken up as we were expecting a mattress to be delivered to be told there was a present on the table for me. So trudging downstairs in a sleep ridden haze i found a box..

And in it I found a mass of early war French infantry, for my latest bout of shiny syndrome Flames of War early war French. So these combined with a handful of other bits from Peter pig and a small order from skytrex should give me enough to play a few 600pts games.

Hmmm finally found my phone cable and uploaded the pictures I had planned to post this on thursday. Ahh well off to partizan tomorrow for work and a small bit of shopping.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Firstly there is a new grendel album yey!
Which is quite fitting for the game we just played, Firewall 2136ad by Wessex Games Cyberpunk delight... The battle report will be up in a few days I need to grab my phone cable of a mate after I left it in draw in his house after a party.(I may have been a little intoxicated and putting it in a draw seemed safe).
Played the first game of Wessex Game's  Firewall 2136ad and for a system that seems so simple it was deceivingly detailed, gripping and fun! We will be making a few changes to the scenario and adding a few things to the rules when we play the scenario again next week.
!Still all in all we had a fun game (and even after a few glasses of wine the games works), and we have had a lot of ideas for more scenarios and additional rules..

Sunday, 22 April 2012

I went to Salute and all I got was this lousy...

No not a T-Shirt or mug, my pennies were spent elsewhere. Sadly I have no pictures from salute due to being rather busy(that and my phone decides that life isn't worth living if I take a single picture discharges it's battery almost instantly).
Some lovely bit's from hasslefree all fantasy as I am really in the mood for ramping up my little fantasy project, so I hope to have these undecorated by the end of the week.

Kalee, Vladim, Troll Slayer and (shock horror) a non kev white sculpted mini Markus (this is actually one of my favourite HF sculpts he will make a good not-dark brotherhood assassin and or rogue.
Service even though they were packed was excellent.

Next I picked up the two Governance of Technology Technicians from Antenociti's Workshop very nice figures though it appears the male (Tpea114) has no gauss carbine I haven't opened it to check properly yet though.

Oh and I also got a free sprue from Mantic something to play with at a later date.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

New Year, New Attempt

Right well as we are well into January and the new year. I figure I may as well attempt to kick-start this blog again and bring it back from the dead.

I figure I'll use this to post up projects and various reviews etc.

Rogue Trader
-Imperial guard
-Terrain (this falls into two categories resin vehicles and buildings)

15mm Scifi
-16 GZG UNSC troopers plus a fan van vtol

-Various bits

North West Frontier
-Whatever else is needed to expand.

So a fair whack, here is a quick picture of most of the resin awaiting priming.