Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Daemonscape Containers

If you haven't heard of Daemonscape by now then you have been missing out, they took over production of Ground Zero Games 25mm vehicles and terrain range as well as some of their 6mm range not only that but they have supplemented these items with their own range of items.


Anyway today I am going to take a quick look at their 25mm resin container set.
So what do you get? You get 3 containers of 3 different sizes (small, medium and large) they are cast od solid resin and nice clean casts I failed to find any bubbles or flash on them.
They roughly measure 90x30x30mm for the largest 60x30x30 for the medium and 30x30x30mm for the small and weigh roughly 150g all together.

They scale well with both 28 and 15mm (see the pictures below in 28mm they make excellent barricades. Whilst in 15mm they look more like sipping containers.

Having had these a few months and shamefully only just getting round to painting them. I had previously washed them and once dry the primer adhered to the resin fine. Painting them up was easy enough. They have plenty of blank space for you to add logo's or graffiti. Another thing to note is that when they first arrived they had that usual resin smell but after a month the smell went.

So for £5 are they worth it? In my option yes, I feel they provide good value for money as scenic items and if all else fails you can always use the largest one to knock out a maruarding bear.
I should add that the service I received from Daemonscape was excellent and this has been a constant when I have ordered from them in the past. The order arrived well packed and promptly.