Sunday, 22 April 2012

I went to Salute and all I got was this lousy...

No not a T-Shirt or mug, my pennies were spent elsewhere. Sadly I have no pictures from salute due to being rather busy(that and my phone decides that life isn't worth living if I take a single picture discharges it's battery almost instantly).
Some lovely bit's from hasslefree all fantasy as I am really in the mood for ramping up my little fantasy project, so I hope to have these undecorated by the end of the week.

Kalee, Vladim, Troll Slayer and (shock horror) a non kev white sculpted mini Markus (this is actually one of my favourite HF sculpts he will make a good not-dark brotherhood assassin and or rogue.
Service even though they were packed was excellent.

Next I picked up the two Governance of Technology Technicians from Antenociti's Workshop very nice figures though it appears the male (Tpea114) has no gauss carbine I haven't opened it to check properly yet though.

Oh and I also got a free sprue from Mantic something to play with at a later date.

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