Monday, 25 July 2011

Of prefab buildings and cork.

Right well time to start putting some posts up with what I am up to etc. after the last time I played with this blogging stuff I ended up close to throwing my laptop under the treads of a passing Land Raider. Can't remember what went went wrong I think it was something to do with pictures.

Anyway here are some sci-fi colony buildings ala matakishi. I plan to use these as prefabricated buildings which would haae been produced en mass and flat packed then sent all over the galaxy. Hmm maybe this is the future of Ikea.. In the 41st millennium there is only Ikea and it endless warehouse..

These are made from cork tiles which I got from focus a while back maybe a year ago, the air conditioning units are from Ainsty and the little control panels are from Black Cat Bases

Here is a scale shot:
(Miniatures are EM4, TAG and one of the russian ones).

Then the lot in progress, the pictures makes them look very distorted, which I admit makes them look a bit odd. There aren't really that bad I'll put some more pictures up once

EDIT: Oh I remember now why images were giving me a headache..
EDIT2/3: Ooh raaa! Managed to sort out the pictures I think.