Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Wargaming Fairy Cometh

Right another quick update(I really need to make more of an effort with the blog but I shall not beat my self up other it). Had another game of Firewall 2136ad on Friday(pic below). I had intended to do a battle report but I kind of got very involved in the game.
It was quite a fun game, once again it involved some guess work and additional rule but we had a really fun game. Poor dice ruling on my behalf contributed with the /Trafford Industries hired hit squad out to kill famous scientist Kewell.
Right up until the last few turns it looked like Trafford were going slaughter all the guards and manage to take Kewell and or kill him. But then with a sudden flourish of critical successes on my behalf I managed to push back and kill the would be assassin's.
It was a fun game all round and once again proved the systems worth, whilst simple and having a few things that needed improvisation and a few of own rules mixed it provided an enjoyable evening's worth of gaming.

Then this morning I got woken up as we were expecting a mattress to be delivered to be told there was a present on the table for me. So trudging downstairs in a sleep ridden haze i found a box..

And in it I found a mass of early war French infantry, for my latest bout of shiny syndrome Flames of War early war French. So these combined with a handful of other bits from Peter pig and a small order from skytrex should give me enough to play a few 600pts games.

Hmmm finally found my phone cable and uploaded the pictures I had planned to post this on thursday. Ahh well off to partizan tomorrow for work and a small bit of shopping.

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