Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Year, new um...

Well we are full in the new year now and that end time to make resolutions that are completely unbelievable and just generally ridiculous but one must make an effort have goals to reach and maybe just maybe get close to said goals. To that end I suppose I should try and list my goals/projects for the year that I would like to at least start. Also I shall start a tally of bought painted just see how depressingly I can rack up the number of models bought....

15mm Scfi - Well towards the end of last year I was bought a bunch of 15mm scifi Crusties from Ground Zero Games so I suppose my initial goal will be to finish the stuff I was bought and have a usable force for Gruntz another part of this will be to try and get at least 1 game a month. (so to paint I have another unit 2 squad attachments weapons a command, 2 gun teams, 1 squad of gruntz in heavy armor and 2 light crustie walkers.
Speaking of 15mm scifi..

That's the first unit more or less done I will update at some point with better pictures. (Blimey I have actually painted something!)

Flames of War French - Whilst I did hit my target and get the initial lot done I have 6 75mm guns and 3 aa guns, 3 Panhards, 3 H39's and 2 stands of VB grenades.

Fantasy - Of some flavor and size whether this will be 28mm skirmish of the start of 15mm using Warhammer 2nd edition I do not know or maybe even 28mm dungeon crawling.

Squats - Make a note of all I have and make some form of force for Rogue trader and attempt to do an opposing force of guard/genestealer cult force.

And maybe just maybe some stargate in 20mm/28mm we'll see.

Bought 0 Painted 7

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